Curriculum Collaboration with Rutgers and PS&D

The pool of knowledge continues to grow as we recruit more experienced professionals to join our board.

New Ark Farms and the Prodigal Sons and Daughters (PS&D) engaged in a passionate meeting with Rutgers Professor Aldo Civico on the topic of workforce development. The conversation began with a slew of stories and experiences from both Aldo and the Prodigals. Aldo opened our eyes to the incredible experiences he has had in conflict resolution all over the world. He modestly spoke of the time he spent engaging with Italian mafia members and the Italian government in an effort to fight against systematic corruption. He casually mentioned his role facilitating cease-fire negotiations between guerrilla of the Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional (ELN) and the Government of Colombia. He also told us an inspiring story of his close friend who went from gang-banger to peacemaker. PS&D’s CEO and Founder, Dennis Porter, shared his own success story – the creation of the now 25-year old organization that was borne out of his 18 years in prison and deep desire to serve his community.

An immediate bond, built on mutual respect and modesty, was formed between the groups. Their shared experiences were so captivating they even left Charles speechless for as long as an hour.

This was the kick-off meeting for a 3-month collaboration between New Ark, PS&D, and Aldo designed to further develop our workforce development curriculum. And, it quickly became clear that it was going to be a fruitful and exciting three months!